The plan – the hope – is that this page will become filled with myriad hyperlinks to various projects where-in there is a credit for Matthew J Drake having provided good voice.  Everything in the audio world began with guest appearances on long running podcasts which led to co-hosting the podcast MangoRicePod and the creation of a home sound booth for higher fidelity recording to accompany the more serious pursuit of voice over and voice acting work with a primary focus on narrating audio books of all genres.


   MangoRicePod  –
Piper and Matthew J Drake explore the worlds of writing, the publishing industry, anime & manga, science fiction & fantasy, romance, StarCraft II, eSports, gaming, and – of course -food.

EME Piper  –
       Author Piper J. Drake talks about balancing a day job, writing career, and the inevitable travel hijinx of the frequent flyer/road warrior.


Audio Books: 

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